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I began this blog, after 2 weeks of inundating everyone’s mailbox with news, links, editorials, and photos of the massive Big Sur Fire of 2008. I decided a blog might be a better venue for us all to stay connected, share information, and remain informed. PLUS, I got totally frustrated when my email send function became so erratic. I can receive, but sending is completely hit and miss. I am hoping the email fairy visits me soon! 😉

I will also be posting some of my photographs, also, as and when I can.

Welcome! Once the fire is past, I will convert this to random musings, I suppose, or it will evolve into something else.

One thought on “Welcome to bigsurkate’s blog

  1. Nice work, Kate. we could use a community bulletin board like this one you have created.
    We feel pretty good about what’s happening on the southern line. Surge went home to his wife and child after very extensive work making new roads and putting together a hydrant system running from the lake that can defend the lower areas. later, we’ll put in some water guns and use it to create pastures.
    don’t know if you are aware that I am very active in the effort by Jack Ellwanger to give us a serious voice in the California Coastl Trail process, and interfacing with the coastal conservancy.
    It has been a rattlin’ good ride, so far, and promises to be a fascinating project for years to come.
    the document we created is posted on the Pelican Network site, and is still under discussion and revision, after 13 drafts so far.
    Thanks again for all your info…
    let’s talk again

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