Adrenaline, the drug of 2008

I did not do many drugs in the 60’s. I was a whuss, then. In the 80’s I did my share. But now? In 2008? I swear, adrenaline is the drug of 2008. I had to overnight something to the Court of Appeal — they will not leave me alone in this midst of this — and so rushed to town south. There is no cell service, well, sporadic cell service, but shortly after I got out of town, I checked my voice mail. New thermal, close to my home.

Now that the road is open, I had to run over 25 tourists vehicles, and 3 HUGE motorhomes on the way home. I kept waiting for a CHP to pull me over. I must say, while I could get away with A LOT as a cute young thing, in my 30s and 40’s, I can get away with even more as an “I don’t give a shit” woman in her 50’s. As I write, it was a computer glitch — there is NO fire here.

Certain responsibilities go with buying a private piece of property 14 years ago that up until 20 years ago, when the USFS realized it wasn’t theirs, housed a look-out tower. The USFS tore it down when the then land-owner offered them the opportunity to rent it for $1 a year. If they rented it, they’d have to staff it. Better to pay $50 million to fight the fire, than $25K to prevent it. Makes sense to me. THIS is our government at work. I could get on my soapbox, but I’ve got a lotta miles to cover before I sleep tonight.

So, I could share the maps that started this scare (I have 4) but I spoke with Fire Chief Division Commander (don’t you love these titles?) Carl Goodman, who assured me there was no fire south of Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. Don’t panic. I did NOT ask him about Rodeo Flats or Cone Peak.

So instead, I will share three photos taken by our neighbors to the north. Unfortunately, I do not know the photograper’s name, but will be happy to give him or her credit, once I do. (or remove them upon request.)

DC-10 on RIGHT side of mountain:

DC-10 on WRONG side of mountain:

The peanut gallery:

Ain’t life grand?

Old photo at Don’s house & Rodeo Flats Report

This am, inciweb reported: “Monday, the fire spotted over the line near Rodeo Flats Trail. Hand crews worked in difficult terrain to contain the spot. Light fire activity and weather conditions aided those efforts.”

Melissa Marron sent me this old photograph, taken about 25 years ago of her and a friend. (Melissa is obviously the redhead on the left.) I’m hoping she’ll add a comment, once she realizes I FINALLY succeeded in getting this uploaded! Also, thanks to Everitt Chase for some subtle enhancements to the faded color.

While we still have to keep an eye on the Rodeo Flats area behind Cone Peak, as well as Chew’s Ridge slop over on the north, we are none-the-less moving from fire fighting to fire recovery, it seems appropriate to remember who we are and why we are here. This photo does that for me.

Melissa writes of this photograph:

“I think it may have been taken by my mom, or maybe Don or maybe Anna Bostwick…really can’t remember…it’s actually a shot of myself and Kelly Bostwick, gathering wildflowers on the downslope below the deck. It’s a quintessential shot, and really gives the sense of the precarious perch that the homestead sat on.

I have so many fond memories of that place – I remember when Josh and Neva were born, and used to babysit both of them. I have another photo of Gabe Case, myself and my brother with a foot long trout we caught out in front of River Inn…I just have so much love for the family and community in the larger sense.”

Also, for those who have not seen it, there is an article in today’s Monterey Herald with interviews with a number of Big Surians about the day the fire started.