Adrenaline, the drug of 2008

I did not do many drugs in the 60’s. I was a whuss, then. In the 80’s I did my share. But now? In 2008? I swear, adrenaline is the drug of 2008. I had to overnight something to the Court of Appeal — they will not leave me alone in this midst of this — and so rushed to town south. There is no cell service, well, sporadic cell service, but shortly after I got out of town, I checked my voice mail. New thermal, close to my home.

Now that the road is open, I had to run over 25 tourists vehicles, and 3 HUGE motorhomes on the way home. I kept waiting for a CHP to pull me over. I must say, while I could get away with A LOT as a cute young thing, in my 30s and 40’s, I can get away with even more as an “I don’t give a shit” woman in her 50’s. As I write, it was a computer glitch — there is NO fire here.

Certain responsibilities go with buying a private piece of property 14 years ago that up until 20 years ago, when the USFS realized it wasn’t theirs, housed a look-out tower. The USFS tore it down when the then land-owner offered them the opportunity to rent it for $1 a year. If they rented it, they’d have to staff it. Better to pay $50 million to fight the fire, than $25K to prevent it. Makes sense to me. THIS is our government at work. I could get on my soapbox, but I’ve got a lotta miles to cover before I sleep tonight.

So, I could share the maps that started this scare (I have 4) but I spoke with Fire Chief Division Commander (don’t you love these titles?) Carl Goodman, who assured me there was no fire south of Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. Don’t panic. I did NOT ask him about Rodeo Flats or Cone Peak.

So instead, I will share three photos taken by our neighbors to the north. Unfortunately, I do not know the photograper’s name, but will be happy to give him or her credit, once I do. (or remove them upon request.)

DC-10 on RIGHT side of mountain:

DC-10 on WRONG side of mountain:

The peanut gallery:

Ain’t life grand?

2 thoughts on “Adrenaline, the drug of 2008

  1. the photos were taken by a friend of mine…. the first one is on the right side, the second one is on the wrong side and the last one is indeed the peanut gallery… they spent nearly every minute they were evac’d with us. cutting down trees, bucking them up, hauling the wood, chipping the brush, drinking beer, hauling away the debris, cheering us up, cooking us food, helping us in every way possible. the work we did started two years ago when i moved to long ridge and was finished that week in a very rapid manner. i’ll steer the photographer here and see what she might add!

  2. Thanks, long ridge lightning! I made the corrections on the captions. And please have your friend contact me about the use of these photos!!

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