USFS Negotiations & Blaze Thank you

After notice of the opening of Pfeiffer Beach, I called the USFS and the gal who answered the phone (sorry, I broke my own rule and did not get her name) said that negotiations are under way to open Pfeiffer Beach, Plaskett, (I think she means Sand Dollar)& Mill Creek Day Use Area, but NO current plans to open the rest of the Los Padres Forest in the Monterey District, due to active fire, and increased fire danger. No word on campgrounds, which do not seem to be included at the moment. Official notice tonight or tomorrow. Trust me, I will be calling once or twice a week to stay on top of this, so that I can keep my gates open in case of emergency, and I will post here what I learn.

Still no call backs from Bradford re community meeting for south coast landowners. Robert spoke with Farr’s office, who will help arrange this.

Oh, and a handy new website I found that has downloadable copies of all the official notices (in case you need them for work, like I do) can be found here: (it is a posted link in the blog roll to the right)

Today’s photograph was sent to me by my friend, Debbie Reed, Office Manager of Blaze Engineering. She has no idea who erected the sign. In our thoughtful thank-yous to the firefighters, we often forget those civilian dozer operators who cut the lines for us. So, this is for them, and all the crew at Blaze, McQueen, etc. as well as those crews we don’t even know. Without the triad of the hand crews, the dozer crews, and the air support working together, this MONSTER would have been worse than it is!! A Big Thank YOU!!

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