Campgrounds open 8/1

Official Notice from John Bradford, USFS District Ranger, Monterey District:

Kirk Creek, Plaskett Creek, Arroyo Seco Campgrounds to Reopen August 1

Los Padres National Forest officials today announced the reopening of Kirk Creek, Plaskett Creek and Arroyo Seco Campgrounds on the Monterey Ranger District, effective Friday August 1. The three popular sites have been closed for several weeks because of the fire emergency. Several day use areas on the Big Sur Coast are now open as well, however the rest of the Monterey Ranger District, including all forest roads and trails, will remain closed to the public for at least the next several weeks, according to District Ranger John Bradford.

“The closure is needed for public and firefighter safety,” said Bradford. “The Indians Fire and Basin Complex Fire are now contained which means there is a secure line around them; however, there are still islands of vegetation within the fire perimeter that will continue to burn. Also, crews are in and around the fire areas repairing fire control lines and roads damaged by firefighting activities,” he explained.

Bradford issued a reminder that the following fire restrictions are in place in all areas of Los Padres National Forest until the end of the high fire season, which generally comes in October or early November:

– Wood and charcoal fires are prohibited in all areas of the forest, including developed campgrounds and designated Campfire Use Sites.

– Portable stoves and lanterns using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel, are allowed in all areas of the forest; however, a California Campfire Permit is required to use a stove outside of developed campgrounds and designated Campfire Use Sites. In developed sites, position portable stoves and lanterns in cleared areas near tables and permanently installed stoves. In dispersed areas, clear all flammable material for a distance of five feet, have a shovel available, and ensure that a responsible person attends the stove at all times when it is in use.

– Recreational target shooting is prohibited in all areas of the national forest except the Winchester Gun Club in Santa Barbara County and the Ojai Valley Gun Club in Ventura County. Hunting with a valid State of California hunting license is exempt from this restriction. All hunting is currently prohibited on the Monterey Ranger District due to the emergency closure.

– Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the national forest except within an enclosed vehicle, building, or designated Campfire Use Site.

– Internal combustion engines may be operated only on roads or trails that are open and designated for such use. (This restriction is in effect year-round.) Engines must have an approved spark arrester.

For further information regarding campfire permits and conditions on the Monterey Ranger District, contact the Forest Service office in King City at (831) 385-5434 or go on-line to

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