Smokey, Jr. & other thoughts

For a heartwarming story, read the account of the firefighter who rescued a 15-pound baby bear cub from the Moon fire up north. All 4 of the cubs paws were badly burned. He was crying for his mother. He’s been dubbed “Smokey, Jr.”

For reports of the BAER meeting on Thursday night, an audio version is posted on and notes are posted on It seems redundant to post them again here. Thanks for attending, taking notes, and sending them to me, Mollie. Always nice to have your perspective!

Votes for the 7/31 meeting with USFS at the Community Center are running 3 to 2 in favor of an early afternoon time. I will be calling Bradford on Monday to confirm time, so let me know before hand if you have a preference. Frank Pinney, BSVFB, also expressed an interest in attending.


2008 seeds available for free to anyone whose garden was damaged in the fire. If you fit this criteria, email me, and I will put you in touch with the distributor out of SLO Co.


Today seems like a community bulletin board kinda day.

I’m not a cop …

Friday night, on the way home from a gathering of old time big sur women (that ought to set the spine a tingling) I found some campers on my road. Now, my road is closed. They went around a barricade. No camp fires, thankfully, but still, they went around a barricade. So, I did what any Big Sur mountain woman would do. I confronted them. They confronted me back, so I informed them I would be calling the cops if they did not leave. They refused. I called the cops. I went back down to give them the opportunity to leave before the cops got there. They refused. They tried to intimidate me. Leaned against my driver’s door, shined bright lights in my eyes, and sundry other intimidation tactics. Hey, a gun MIGHT work, but these tactics? I’ve been here too long. So, this is what we are dealing with, folks. No camp fires, but lit cigarettes, cars parked on grass, and they really do NOT get it.

Any bets about whether the same MCSO officers who arrested us, intimidated us, threatened us, even respond?

One thing I did not notice when I took the picture above, is that among the goods in the back of the truck is a box which, while partially obscured, says in all probability “oak hardwood firewood.” If I’d seen that, I would have gone even more ballistic than I did. But, I did get the license plate, clearly and visibly, and a couple others of some of the people there, before they started shining flashlights into my lens and standing in front of my camera.