Smokey, Jr. & other thoughts

For a heartwarming story, read the account of the firefighter who rescued a 15-pound baby bear cub from the Moon fire up north. All 4 of the cubs paws were badly burned. He was crying for his mother. He’s been dubbed “Smokey, Jr.”

For reports of the BAER meeting on Thursday night, an audio version is posted on and notes are posted on It seems redundant to post them again here. Thanks for attending, taking notes, and sending them to me, Mollie. Always nice to have your perspective!

Votes for the 7/31 meeting with USFS at the Community Center are running 3 to 2 in favor of an early afternoon time. I will be calling Bradford on Monday to confirm time, so let me know before hand if you have a preference. Frank Pinney, BSVFB, also expressed an interest in attending.


2008 seeds available for free to anyone whose garden was damaged in the fire. If you fit this criteria, email me, and I will put you in touch with the distributor out of SLO Co.


Today seems like a community bulletin board kinda day.

One thought on “Smokey, Jr. & other thoughts

  1. Clicked on the website to read of this little Smokey, Jr.’s tale. Thank goodness for people with huge hearts. That was one thing that really plagued me during all these forest fires…what was happening to the wonderful wildlife we have here in California? So sad that these helpless animals have been lost, injured, and so confused. Their family members have been separated from each other and the innocent ‘babes’ have been left to fend for themselves. Call me strange, but I always cry at animal stories even before I cry at human tales. It seems to me that our intelligence gets us through most events but the animals don’t have all the resources we do. Thank you to all those fire fighters with heart.

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