** Rehab Meeting Thurs. 7/17 **

This just posted: “USFS BAER Team Leader Kevin Cooper, BSVFB Fire Chief Frank Pinney, and Danny Marquis from NRCS will explain the plan for rehab of burn area to the community Thursday, 6PM at the Multi-Agency center in Big Sur. This will be an important meeting for anyone interested in seeing what, if anything, can be done to avoid the mudslide problems that plagued the Big Sur valley after the ‘72 fire.”

That’s Thursday as in TOMORROW! I cannot go, but am looking for someone who will, and take notes to email me, and get contact info for these people. TIA

3 thoughts on “** Rehab Meeting Thurs. 7/17 **

  1. Hi Kate,

    Ken originally got this message and passed it to Keith. He’s been in touch with the BAER folks because he has already had a chance to meet with them and look at the Indians fire. He and I both plan to attend this meeting, and will be glad to let you know what we learn.

  2. Thanks, Martha. I appreciate this. We are in the embryotic stages of developing a reseeding program (raising $$, working w/ experts, etc.), and I think Rose will be able to attend, but not sure, so would really appreciate the input.

    This has certainly been a challenging 3 weeks, huh?


  3. Are you working with Bodger (Environmental Seed Co-Lompoc) as a source? good folks. Stover Seed (LA) also catalogs Ca natives. Whoever sourced the rehab road cuts on Cuesta Grade on 101 (SLO CO) did a great job. 2 years later, thick stands of buckwheat and salvias on almost impossibly steep & rocky cuts.

    best wishes on your project.

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