Dolan Ridge/Rodeo Flats

According to a member of the BSVFB, the Dolan Ridge Line is holding really well. Lines are being expanded at the Rodeo Flats, and both BSVFB and the USFS IC seem to be confident that this line wil hold. While some reports are putting the southern closure at Limekiln, all recent reports are putting it back at Lucia Lodge, including the Mandatory Closure memo by the Sheriff. If the chp closure is still down at Limekiln, which I have not seen, I am not aware of why it has not been moved.

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  1. UPDATE, 5PM: Per OES, the Dolan Rd. is in pretty good shape. They did have some jumps on the west end, but were able to control them. The center portion by Rodeo Flats is pretty solid. The east end still needs some work, but that may have been accomplished today.

    As to Lucia/Limekiln, OES says that was resolved today, and the south closure is indeed at Lucia.

    Stay safe, and stay informed.

    StationKATE, reporting by blog

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