Chalk Fire, Night 5

Second firefighter injury reported the past 12 hours. “Reported shoulder/neck injury from a tree limb, FF transported to hospital.” We send our wishes for a speedy recovery for this firefighter.

Please check out the thermals and maps on Coast Communications and Firefighterblog (Point of View), both in my blog roll to the left. The fire looks like it has reached the coast, everyone. This is NOT good!!

Nothing left tonight, I am afraid. This everyready bunny is runnin’ low and needs to recharge. Will try to post photos starting tomorrow morning.

Take care everyone, and be safe!!

One thought on “Chalk Fire, Night 5

  1. Thank you for the wishes for the injured FF – He is my son and just to let you know he is now home and doing fine, other than being really sore and brusied. My heartfelt thank you to all the fire personnel that assisted him during this “adventure”…they were absolutely top of the line! We have been in the fire family for 40+ years and appreciate the fact that when time was of the “essence” thay stepped up and took care of business.
    Thank you so much

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