Chalk Peak, Night 7: Cone Peak

7:20 pm – I don’t know where this is, other than out if front of Cone Peak. I’ve lightened the shadows, so you can see it is out in front of Cone Peak, south and east. I do not recognize the ridge in front of the fire, and it is not visible in the daytime version posted below.

Now, compare that to this daytime shot I took a couple days ago from almost the same perspective. You can see the same pine tree on the right hand side, and you can match up the “notch” on top of Prewitt.

Anyone out there able to help me identify EXACTLY where this fire is?

Inciweb is reporting only a small gain in acreage today, up to 10,659 acres. It also reports: “Majority of containment effort continues on the west flank to protect structures and to minimize impact to Hwy 1. Forecasted weather may hamper suppression efforts for next 12 hours.”

I just heard from the parent of the injured firefighter. I was told that he is home and doing fine, other than bruised and sore. They wish to thank all fire personnel for their quick response and assistance to their son. He posted his comment on Night 5, if you’d like to read it. So glad to hear it!!

That’s it, folks. Movie night.

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  1. OK, we’ve been examining tonight’s photo (of fire on an unknown ridge somewhere south of Cone Peak) here at Xasauan Today World Headquarters and our crack team of map geeks and Ventanaphiles thinks it’s probably in the upper Hare Creek drainage. The darkness and one dimensionality of the telephoto perspective make it a pretty good puzzler, though. And keep those photos coming! One glance at some of your photos is worth three days of Inciweb reports.

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