Chalk Fire, Day 11

LOCAL UPDATES FOR TODAY: Heavy rehab at Prewitt/Alm’s Ridge area, so getting in or out may be difficult, if not impossible today. Also, I encountered a grader between Plaskett & McKern Rd. and could not get around, so I just came home. (Remind me to tell you this story OFF line!!) Also got an email from Geri. N-F Rd is closed, EVEN to locals! She got out, says it is not bad, but they won’t let her come back through, so she has to drive all the way around through Monterey from the Salinas Valley to get home from work!!

MORNING UPDATE: Still dark. Still quiet. No more midnight or 6 am traffic, thank goodness. Sleep comes easier. I’ll be taking a run to the back to check on the road work that has been done over the past two days and the fire on the east, and will report back before I leave for town today, along with acreage and containment figures. Maybe a photo or two.

Only two days to finish preparations for the Jade Festival. I have two friends that have heeded my calls for help — to bring all the little things I am likely to forget this year. Mollie and Mary, thank you both.

Oh, yeah, Pendoodles (see comment below) such a Peaceful, Easy Feelin’

Today’s inciweb report is EXACTLY the same as last night’s. No change in acreage, personnel, containment, and planned actions, and it just posted 5 mins. ago. Let’s see if this is a mistake and a new one is issued soon.

9 am- a new summary just issued. Still no change in acreage, personnel, or containment, but for today, this is the plan: “The fire activity overnight was very limited. Today crews will continue to hold and improve lines in all divisions of the fire. Firefighters have done remarkable work in extremely steep and rugged terrain and now have the upper hand with 67% containment. There are still sections of open line and crews will concentrate on those areas building direct line where possible. Firefighters will monitor the general fire area to address hot spots. The weather is returning to a warmer and drier pattern. Firefighter safety and structure protection remain top priorities.”

I agree. Firefighters HAVE done a remarkable job. If you see a firefighter, where ever you are on this planet of ours, would you tell them, “bigsurkate says, Thank you?”

I’ll post more this evening. No mid-day report. Have a good day, everyone, and while we are 99% certain the Jade Festival will be happening, the USFS is expected to give us the formal go-ahead by noon, saying, “No news is good news.” I know this is going to seem obvious to most of you, but those coming, there are NO campfires, EVEN in the campground! Propane stoves, ONLY. No charcoal stoves!!

2 thoughts on “Chalk Fire, Day 11

  1. bigsurkate,
    Thank you for the fire updates. The map you posted yesterday was very helpful. I am very familiar with
    the area and I’m interested in the extent of the fire.
    Please post the latest map you can, the Gov’t is useless in this regard. All they show is some dorky flame where the fire started, not what it has done daily.
    Again, thanks
    Mark (in Arroyo Grande)

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