Chalk & Jade

Chalk Peak, after which this fire was named, and Jade Cove, our local lapidary depository, are the title for today’s blog. Place names around here tend to relate to physical characteristics (I really did find sand dollars on Sand Dollar Beach, when I first got here, almost 20 years ago), or to the original homesteaders, like Plaskett. Many locals call my place, Top of the World. That’s what it looks like. But I digress.

Jade Festival Countdown: 1 day! Oh, so much to do and so little time! My friend Mary from Gilroy will be here tonight to help me finish my prep, which means today, I need to prep for her visit.

There were reports by neighbors that there was fire activity on Nacimiento yesterday. It is unclear from the reports which side of the summit she was witnessing, but probably on the east side. It appears that Nacimiento will NOT be a way to get to the Festival this weekend, so plan accordingly.

The Chalk Fire is now 74% contained, with no increase in acreage. No structures are threatened, and all containment lines are holding strong. We’re in good shape, just in time for the Jade Festival!! THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS!! And Mother Nature, who worked with us, this time.

And this, from inciweb: “A Red Flag Warning has been issued for today through Saturday. Temperature 70-78 degrees; relative humidity 7-17%; 20-25% below 1500 feet near the coast; upslope winds 3-5 mph; becoming erratic 4-9 mph in the afternoon; ridgetop winds north 5-10 mph with gusts to 15 mph, increasing to 10-15 mph with gusts to 20 mph after 11:00 am.”

See many of you this weekend, and I, for one, am really ready for the music, and dancing, good food, and great jade exhibits!

2 thoughts on “Chalk & Jade

  1. Kate… I’m hoping to make it on Saturday. Also like you, looking forward to some great music & visiting with old friends.

    The kids are on their was down to the Sur as I type this. Look out for them they will be hitting all Dani’s old haunts. She also said she will hopefully sit with Phil at his booth if he has one this year. I’m hoping there won’t be much smoke in the air for the baby’s sake.

    I went to Inciweb to look. Its so deceptive to where fire boundries really sit. I hope its more contained by tomorrow.

  2. Pendoodles: My email seems to be not working, so I hope you see this public post.
    Smoke is NOT a problem, today, and don’t expect it to be tomorrow. The only current trouble spot is back by McKern Rd. firebreak, and hopefully, they will get a handle on that, today.

    Looking forward to the BEST Jade Festival ever!! The energy should be high and the mood thankful.

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