Necklace of Fire

I am no fire expert, by any means, but what I witnessed today, the burn-out operation north east of the Hermitage really looked good today. I watched and photographed all afternoon, and posted a few of them to show what was going on today. Tonight, I post one final photograph of what the firing out operation looks like, and still lookin’ really good. The Hermitage is looking very well protected. As I said, I am not a fire expert, but I sure would like an “honorary” nomex jacket with bigsurkate on it. Anyone know where I could get one?

Tonight, the USFS is reporting the acreage has gone up, the containment has gone down, slightly, and as I posted earlier today, containment is not expected until 11/1/08 now. Here are the stats:

  “Chalk Fire Update – Oct. 19
– 8:00pm

  Fire Statistics
  Acres burned: 14,666
  Miles of fireline to build: 7.5
  Date started: 9/27/08 (evening)
  Percent contained: 79%
  Expected containment: 11/01/2008
  Firefighter injuries to date: 17
  Structures threatened: 49
  Structures destroyed:  0
  Suppression cost to date: $18.2M

  Firefighting Resources
  Crews: 8
  Engines: 25
  Helicopters: 11
  Air tankers:  10
  Dozers: 4
  Total personnel assigned: 601

Summary: Current Status: The firing operation which started about noon today was successful.  Crews started from the dozer line approximately 2 miles north of the New Camaldoli Hermitage and burned south along the dozer line. As of this afternoon the firing had almost reached the Hermitage.  Crews will continue with the firing operation into this evening as long as there is still opportunity to burn.  Crews supported by helicopters and air tankers worked to hold the ridge NW of Twin Peak parallel with the Carizzo Trail. In the Limekiln State Park area, the fire is backing down slowly.

Tonight crews will continue to hold and support the firing operations. Structure protection continues in Limeklin State Park and the Hermitage. Cool temperatures and good relative humidity with light winds should result in minimal perimeter growth.”

2 thoughts on “Necklace of Fire

  1. Thanks Kate & Connie for the amazing photos! Also, thanks for all of the time & energy that you have put into this blog to keep all of us up to date. As you both know the isolation & not knowing if your neighbors are safe is very dis-concerting to say the least. I have said this before but will repeat it again, you have provided a very valuable resource & we appreciate it. I will check on the Nomex Jacket for you!
    Sincerely, Sandy

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