Road Opened, Closed, & open again!

So, what this tells me is that when Cal-Trans is working, dawn to dusk, the road is open. Once they go home at night, all bets are off, and you travel at your own risk. PLEASE be careful if you come through after dark. This is a highly volatile and dangerous situation!

Highway 1 is open!  This information came from Danny Milsap, Caltrans Supervisor for south coast, as of 7:35 AM this morning – Saturday, October 25, 2008.

Highway Closed again tonight until tomorrow. Another rock slide. So, boys and girls, this is a touch and go situation. 

MONTEREY COUNTY – Caltrans will reopen a three-mile section of Hwy. 1
between Nacimiento-Ferguson Road, about 27 miles south of Big Sur, and
Lucia, about 23 miles south of Big Sur, at 3 pm today, Friday, Oct. 24.
This section had been closed due to the Chalk fire since 7 pm on Wednesday,
Oct. 22. 

Provided there are no other fire incidents/adverse conditions, the road will
remain open but is subject to traffic control or closures if conditions

Here are some photos supplied by Cal-Trans:

The Volcano!! Connie got a great shot of this the other day, but unfortunately, her computer ate it!

Look where the rocks are in relation to the yellow line!

And lookey here … we have fire sliding down onto the road!!

Kudos to Cal-Trans for sharing these, and for getting the road open today. Thanks, Danny, Richard, Angie, Phil, and Mike!!

And tonight, it finally looks like it is over. Of course, I remember I said that once before, but this time, I really mean it! Now let’s see if Mother Nature agrees with me!!

Here is part of tonight’s inciweb report:

“Crews will continue mop up and improve existing line along the Hermitage Road to Highway 1. Mop up around structures and improvements in Limekiln State Park. Begin to clean up and remove hose. The Evacuation Warning for Hermitage has been down graded to and Evacuation Watch as of 6:00pm tonight. The Evacuation Watch for the Harlan Ranch and Morning Glory area was lifted as of 6:00pm on October 23, 2008”

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