BigSurKate goes exotic


Cottage Flowers, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

Fire season will start in no time, and this blog could become very active for the summer. (If I am lucky, it won’t.) Come July, I will have been blogging for one year, almost every day, sometimes many times a day. It is time for a short break.

While I can, before the fire season starts, I am taking a vacation — the exotic locales of Morocco and Greece. I leave in a few days, and will be back Memorial Day weekend. I haven’t decided if I will take my laptop, or not, so unsure if I will be blogging. 

Look for a Big Sur update on Memorial Day weekend, when I’ll be stopping in our little village to meet friends on my way home. In the meantime, may you have a glorious May. (BTW, Dakota update below — #714.)

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