Dakota Update #714

Just kidding. I think I’ve only given about 6. It just seems like 714, huh?

She got the drain out — not two, but one long drain that went all the way through. She looks really good according to the vet’s assistant. She will go back on Friday, not Wednesday, for stitches removal. Weds. is too soon. No talk of a 3d surgery, which is great. I forgot to ask, but I’m sure if it was looking like that, someone would have told me. That is a major relief.

Tomorrow, Dakota and I move back into the regular place, so I can train her and the other dogs, and get her ready for my departure. I want her isolated one more day while the drain holes start to close up. It is easier to keep her and her bedding clean in here without the dog hair, dirty paws, and slobber of 3 other dogs around. (Actually, none of my dogs slobber, but you know what I mean.)

I have spent a lot of time training Dakota and the dog-sitter, and am feeling more comfortable about leaving. The ex will take her in to the vet on Friday, and bring her home afterwards. Isn’t he a great guy?? So, things seem to be shaping up nicely.

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