Racing an Airship down the Coast and other stories, Part II

Snoopy is approaching the lighthouse. What a great opportunity!

We are in a dead heat. I know from hours of watching from my back deck, that the light in the lighthouse rotates every 13 seconds. I’ve counted, hundreds of times. What else am I going to do? And I want to catch Snoopy with the light in the lighthouse. 13 seconds? Just keep shooting, constantly for about 15 seconds, and I am bound to catch the light.

Look! See the light? I caught it! Woohoo. Actually, not hard to do if one shoots 25 or more photos. Isn’t digital wonderful?

And then we head into the Big Sur Valley, and Snoopy stays on the coast, and we lose him. Will he pull ahead? Will we? When will we next spot him, and who will be ahead?

The conclusion and winner tomorrow …