Sunday Field Trip

Took a drive today, and had brunch with some of the Ladies of the Sur. Here are some of the things I found along my way:

Finally made it to near the end of my road — I was calling it the slippery war zone, before this point, but look at that view!

Then there was the “stop here on this line” stoplight at Rain Rocks. Sure, stop right there, and almost get plowed over, literally, by Cal-Trans. It’s okay, I needed a new bumper anyway!

Angels on the ceiling …

… and flowers on the table … must be brunch at Deetjen’s!

A shot of Big Sur River, where it is cutting the bank at a turn, not too far from Highway One. I’m no engineer, but this looks like a great place for some big, BIG, B-I-G rocks.

I’m going back to photograph this in the sunshine.

The Grange behind K-rail, and with CERT training going on!

And finally, Juan Higuera Creek. Isn’t it beautiful??

Can you tell I am feeling better? Thank goodness! Monday night, I will upload the photos of the beginning of the Saga of Shale Point – being repaired.