Self Reliance Foundation Study

I have mixed feelings about the project proposed below, and am trying to crystalize them before I render a response, but I thought others might be interested in doing so as well, so I quote from an email I received below:

Do forward this on to all interested folks, or get me their contacts, as we want no stone unturned in terms of seeking community input for this effort, even those who might be opposed to it!
Self Reliance Foundation 1201 Connecticut Ave, NW, Ste. 700, Washington, DC 20036, 202.496.6046

Self Reliance Foundation is conducting a feasibility study for new, innovative, user-friendly ways to explain the historical, cultural, and environmental values of the Big Sur Coast and State Highway Route One scenic byway, from Carmel to south of the Hearst Castle.

One of the aims of this effort is to solicit and incorporate ideas about both content about Highway 1, as well as the best systems for delivering it from people like yourself—community activists, businesses, and organizations who have a love and concern for the Big Sur/San Simeon region.

We’d like to learn from you and your membership about what sort of information you consider to be critical to visitors’ understanding of this region.

We’d also like your thoughts on the ideal way to convey information about the Highway 1 scenic corridor to travelers. Today the range of delivery systems varies from educational signs at Caltrans’ designated pullouts, Web pages, and paper maps, to GPS and phone delivered information, low-power short-distance radio transmissions, and other modalities.

Our initial ideas include a website modeled on the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce site that will allow visitors to plan trips from south-to-north and north-to-south, and that will have tabs for environment, history, culture, safety, and other features. We plan to produce content in English and Spanish to serve California’s diverse constituencies.

We will be exploring a range of systems. The website would allow visitors to download information to cell phones and automobile navigation devices. We also may recommend the installation of very small low-power radio transmitters at the northern and southern entrances to theRoute 1 Big Sur Coast Highway and Route 1 San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway so that drivers with older vehicles can also access information. (This would not require construction of any towers).

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts on this venture at 415 /902 0019, or share your views via email, writing me at To gain your valuable perspective on these topic, I am available to meet with you or your organization in person or to speak with you over the phone.

End of the Day

When words fail me, a sunset will do. I am learning a lot about white balance, shooting sunsets. This was one of 5, the closest in colors to what I actually was witnessing.

I do have a request from an organization in D.C. I will post here later today.

Weather discussion still indicates a storm coming through late Monday/early Tuesday. A smaller storm Friday into Saturday, and then a much bigger storm Sunday through next Wednesday. That one is still a ways out, and may be modified (will?) as it gets closer.

**ROAD CLOSURE** And finally, don’t forget, beginning at 8 pm this evening, Highway One will be closed 1 mile north of Ragged Point from 8 pm until 5 am, continuing each night until 5 am Friday morning. I’ll bet this is a boon to Ragged Point!