End of the Day

When words fail me, a sunset will do. I am learning a lot about white balance, shooting sunsets. This was one of 5, the closest in colors to what I actually was witnessing.

I do have a request from an organization in D.C. I will post here later today.

Weather discussion still indicates a storm coming through late Monday/early Tuesday. A smaller storm Friday into Saturday, and then a much bigger storm Sunday through next Wednesday. That one is still a ways out, and may be modified (will?) as it gets closer.

**ROAD CLOSURE** And finally, don’t forget, beginning at 8 pm this evening, Highway One will be closed 1 mile north of Ragged Point from 8 pm until 5 am, continuing each night until 5 am Friday morning. I’ll bet this is a boon to Ragged Point!

4 thoughts on “End of the Day

  1. Kate, I believe the camera you’re shooting with has a RAW shooting mode. If so, use that. White balance will never be an issue again and you’ll have even more control over your images.

  2. I saw the same tones of sunset that evening from the Central Valley. I commented to my wife that Kate over in Big Sur was fortunate to have an unimpeded view from her place.

    While the image is great you have to agree Kate no camera could do justice to the colors of the sky that night.
    The only times I have seen that intense a sunset was in Hawaii and the Sonora desert.

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