Racing an Airship – The Conclusion

Before I get to the rest of the Snoopy Airship photos and story, just a reminder regarding Cal-Trans closures and construction. Two new releases came in last night. They are posted on the Cal-Trans page to the right.

Conclusion – We come out on the coast again, Nepenthe is behind us, and look! Oh my heavens, he is heading right over us!

Now, remember, this is a race. No stopping, after Hurricane Point, so all these photographs are shot from a moving car — on Highway One — at high speeds. This is a race, after all. And we can’t straighten the road like Snoopy can!

Coming up on Partington Cove …

We are in the inside curve, and he, of course, is out over the ocean.

Coming up on the South Coast now, and the race is still neck-and-neck.

Then we hit the light and construction at Gamboa Point. No, the light turns fast, we’ll keep up!

But wait, there is more construction ahead, Pitkin’s Curve and Rain Rocks. Drat.

This stop is long enough that a neighbor (7 miles away) gets out of his car behind us, and comes up and talks with us for a good 10 minutes while we wait.

And the winner is … the airship.

Other stories for another time, as this one turned out longer than expected.