Lucia Slip-out Photos

These were taken Monday, on a drive-through …

This is the approach from the south, in the north bound lane.

More to follow throughout the day.

Here one can see how narrow it is, with the work going on in the inside of the lane, and the k-rails protecting motorists from the slip-out.

John Duffy, waiving on the left, is the climbing boss for this area, as well as the Chief Geologist.

Coming back through, going southbound. My guess (I have no “inside information” I haven’t already shared, is that this area will remain like this throughout the winter, UNLESS there is more damage or slip-out.

Close-up of John Duffy. Rock Knocker used to climb with him in the old days. Rain Rocks was one of the most frequent places they climbed.

And this is Wade (sorry, Wade, I’ve forgotten your last name!)

I’ll be checking on the Lucia Slip-out next week, and let everyone know how it is doing. Also, I have more photos of the Rock Shed/Bridge construction project at Rain Rocks that I will be posting to that page tonight or tomorrow, for those interested in following this historical project.

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