Storm Watch, 2/20/10 & Chanterelle Cook-Off

Only .25 inches. Looks like a quiet day! Back later.

The upcoming forecast is confusing as heck. I don’t know what to make of it, so I’m going back to looking at the skies.

Here’s the best forecast from my friend Charles Bell’s (NOAA NWS Monterey) tweets: ‘Correction…best chance for rain Sunday, Tuesday Night/Wed, and Thu night/Fri. Hydro issues may start popping up by the end of next week.”

One possible storm is progged to hit next Friday through Saturday, well, now Charles has modified that to Thu. nite/Fri. Hopefully, that will not affect the Big Sur Annual Chanterelle Cook-off to be held Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Rain brings out the chanterelles, don’t you know! See here for details:

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