Sunday weather report, 2/21/10

10:00 pm – it is quite raining, and has been for the last 1/2 hour, on and off. The sound of rain on a metal roof is like no other. I can tell the strength just by the sound. Tonight’s is more than the light rain I got all day, but not the thundering hoofs of a stampede.

After living up here, and paying attention most of that time, I knew earlier when the winds picked up that rain was also likely to pick up.

4:45 pm – up to one inch, now, for last night and today, bringing the season total to 47.75 inches. I never would have guessed we could have gotten that much had I not been keeping my eye on the gauge all day. It has never been a heavy rain, just a steady, light rain ALL day, with no breaks. That’s the advantage of a human-operated, old-fashioned, dump-by-hand rain gauge over automated rain gauges, I do believe.

3:20 pm – light rain continues, and I am up to 3/4 of an inch for last night and today. Woohoo!

1 pm – it has been drizzling all day long, and I am almost, but not quite up to 1/2 an inch. I will certainly be there by the time the “rain” starts later today or tonight!

8:45 am – started raining again, gently. NOAA predicted this for this afternoon and this evening. NOAA also predicted this will not be much of a rain today/tonight, but Tuesday night/ Wednesday’s storm will carry more precipitation. Still unsettled about the storm for Thursday night into Friday.

7:00 am – Rain last night was another .25 inches, bringing the season total to 47.0 inches here on top of Plaskett Ridge.

2 thoughts on “Sunday weather report, 2/21/10

  1. I hope we get some more substantial rains. I just keep thinking how awesome this years wild flowers are going to be!

  2. Oh, we will. Trust me. Tuesday/Tuesday night 1-3 inches in Mtns. and Thursday night through Friday night, even more. Almost up to 48 inches, and last year, through MAY we only got just over 37. We’ll have quite the show in a month or so on the coast, and a little later up here!

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