Plaskett Ridge Rd.

Plaskett Ridge Rd. is now virtually impassable, and should be closed to the public, until we get a week of sunshine. Rock Knocker (with 30 years experience on Cal-Trans mudslides, and slippery roads) got stuck yesterday. On the way up this afternoon, the slippery clay caused me to slide into a ditch the depth of about 1/2 the circumference of my tire today, and the ONLY reason I got out is my 5.2 liter Jeep, 4×4, good tires, and 15 years experience on this road, and even so, it was quite “iffy.” I was shaking so badly by the time I got out of the trees to the top, I had to stop.

This is the price I pay for living “On Top o’ the World.”

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  1. Hi Kate ,,,, cycles and cycles ,,,, if it isn’t dust clogging your air filters,,,, it’s mud clogging the luggs on your tires.

    That shakeyness comes from knowing the facts, and that you fortunately escaped meeting your maker, once again.

    Stopping to sort these things out comes from wisdom, and for making good decisions like this, you are allowed to live to tell the tale.

    Good On You, Mate, as the Aussies would say !

    Very much looking forward to the photos of the Spring medow Lupine
    , and wild Iris , among all the other up-coming wild flowers.

  2. I’m so happy that your wisdom got you home safely. But yeah….it is the price you pay to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

  3. Kate

    I have traveled on South Coast Ridge Rd monthly for decades, and last weekend both S.Coast Ridge and Los Burros Roads were as smooth as a baby’s butt thanks to the county public work crews.

    How is Plaskett Ridge Rd doing this week?

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