March Photo Contest

I am putting out a call for the best spring photo of Big Sur — winner’s photo to be featured as my header on March 21st, the spring equinox, for the spring. It will be replaced on June 21st. Credit will be given to the photographer during the spring feature. Only one submission per person, please. I would publish the 10 finalists The deadline for submissions would be March 14th. As soon as the judges have chosen the top 10, I would then post them on my blog, and give the readers the final vote to March 20th, and announce the winner on March 21st. This would be an anonymous panel of judges, and judges would also be able to submit a photograph. I am hoping to get a few more volunteer judges. Contact me immediately if you would like to volunteer to be a judge. If you want to enter the contest, also contact me with your entry by March 14th. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PLEASE! Because of the timing, I expect most of these photographs to be from last year. Contact me at to either volunteer to judge the entries, and/or to submit a photograph. Thanks for your participation!

4 thoughts on “March Photo Contest

  1. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me privately. I have two judges lined up, and wouldn’t mind a couple more. Go through your photos, and send me your best photo of Big Sur in the spring. Need not be a resident, just the photo has to have been taken in Big Sur. To volunteer as a judge, or send a photo, or for questions, contact me at

  2. 3/1/01 10 pm – Okay, I’ve got 5 judges signed up, but only 2 photos have come in! Contest closes on the 14th, and the judges will have the entries on the 15th, the finalists will go up asap, and voting will begin once the photos are up!

    One thing that has become clear, is when selecting your photo to submit, take a look at the format for the header — it is long and thin. I cannot change the format, I can only pick the portion of the shot submitted that best fits in that format. So portrait-oriented shots will have to be cropped considerably! Thanks for making this fun!

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