Highway One Conditions, March 1st, 2010

This is my “unofficial” report of Highway One. I am only an observer, not a slide specialist or highway worker, just a local traveler. Highway One is open. Road conditions seem pretty good, considering the weather we have been having. Conditions from Lucia north are good, with construction still going on at Gamboa Point managed with a traffic signal. Cal-Trans was working on the road at River Inn, with flaggers for traffic control just before noon. South of Lucia is a different matter. There is a relatively new moon-shaped crack in the SB lane, between Lucia and the existing closure of the SB lane at Lucia Rd., which is managed by stop signs and K-rail. This new crack could stay like that for weeks, or could start to give way in the next storm. There is no way for me to predict, but knowing Cal-Trans they are watching it closely. Right now, it is causing no additional problems.

Between the existing lane closure at Lucia and Rain Rocks, there is evidence of active slides being scooped away and small rocks in the road. It is clearly an active area that bears watching, but nothing significant during daylight hours. After dark, and during a rain storm, these areas could create problems.

I did not go south of Gorda, so don’t have a clue as to how that is holding up.

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  1. I’ll see all this during my morning commute tomorrow, probably in rain. So if there is something significant, I’ll post a report…if the school’s internet is working ok.

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