Big Sur in the Fog

I’ve always loved taking photographs in the fog. There is a mystery, the ghostliness, and the challenge of getting color amid the gray — sometimes, just the hint of color. Today, I took the opportunity to try photographing a different face of this place we call home.

Trees were barely visible on Plaskett Ridge Road … they appeared in the mist of gray that enveloped them …

almost ghosts … until I looked closely, and saw that the leaves were forming their buds, in preparation for Spring.

Photographing in fog brings out the layers of some objects, when the color is removed … particularly with the trees. Study the subtleties and shapes in the tree above, and note the layers the fog creates.

Our sentinels of quiet … a peaceful time to seek the silence of serenity.

… and even our brightly adorned landmarks, are subdued and resting, anticipating the time when the land is full with visitors, some experiencing the awe for the first time.

But for another month, the place we call home is quiet, and being reborn, again, for the first time. Just as we all are, as Spring approaches — getting ready to shed the chrysalis that has held us safely all winter long.

And don’t forget March’s Photography Contest. The link is posted above in the notice sticky note. Click on that for all the details.

One thought on “Big Sur in the Fog

  1. I love the top two with all the gnarly branches, Kate. They don’t even look like photographs! They transcend and I think that’s what makes them look ghostly.

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