Life is full of joy, wonder, and serendipitous moments. This is the story of one of those moments. During the course of this amazing discourse called blogging, I have met a number of other incredible artists. One of these is an artist in Indiana, named Leslie White. Today, I tell that story and showcase a project we “worked” on together. (She did ALL of the work!)

Last year, I used a painting by Dave Allen for my header. It was “Lavender Sunset.” You may remember it.

One day, an artist from Indiana did a google search. I can’t remember if it was for watercolors, or lavender watercolors, or exactly what she searched for, but she found my site due to Dave’s painting.

After following my blog for a while, she became intrigued with my header for last summer. You may also remember this one:

And decided to paint it. She painted it in six different ways. I have her final attempt, hanging on my wall. One of the many things I like about Leslie’s painting, is that is completely different close-up then when viewed from across the room.

This is a closer view. It is almost abstract, but the vision is clear.

Here is what it looks like from across the room.

And here it is from a different angle.

Both Leslie and I were tickled that my rosy colored beige wall set this off so well. It was if I chose that color wall to set off her painting, but I did not. Her painting chose its spot on my wall.

Leslie, the artist, is the consummate teacher – both in the classroom and on the internet. She did 6 different versions of this photograph over the course of 6-8 weeks, explaining her process along the way. She has posted them all to her blog, and has received an incredible number of responses. She considers this a “joint” process, and maybe it is. If you are at all interested in the creative process, its explanations, others views of the process, then see all six versions of the paintings she did from one photograph Sea and Sky here.

While you are there, take a look at some of her other work. You will learn about the creative process from a true wonder. Leslie and I may never meet in person, but we have met, and continue to meet in our art. You are a gem, Leslie White.

6 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Thank-you, Kate, for sharing our story. I cannot imagine a time that I will not check on your world. You have taught me so much about a photographer’s vision and I am truly indebted to you for that. All of you in Big Sur, I think you live in a beautiful place! I wish you did not have to deal with mudslides and fires! And Dave Allen? Thank-you for inspiring me to spend some time in landscapes! I love your painting. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Leslie. It is such an honor to have the results of “our project” hanging on my wall.

    Fires and Mud Slides are just the price of living in paradise.

  3. That’s the most lovely story! I couldn’t agree more about Leslie’s generosity as a teacher and blogger, and likewise about the delights of Big Sur, its rugged beauty and what is obviously a delightful community. You are wonderful artists. I’m so glad I found you both.

  4. Your lavender sunset comes as I send an e-mail to to people who are working on malaria and cures. I was suggesting that instead of DDT they try lavender and gave them the Central Coast Lavender outlet who says it can be sprayed on mosquito nets like DDT and sachets can be hung from beds to keep away bugs. May your lavender sunset send its rays to Africa to help solve this problem…

  5. WOW!
    I could go on and on, but I’ll keep it short for now:
    What an amazing set of postings you put up last night. I did not know that my Lavender Sunset painting triggered a “magic” series of events that led to the friendship and communication between you and Leslie. Sometimes there are just too many “coincidences” in events to simply be coincidence. Yes…MAGIC HAPPENS! I can tell you dozens of stories about what you have titled “Serendipity”.
    One, which is a real “tear-jerker”, is already in your hands, and I got the message that it will be posted in due time.

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