Highway One nightmares to return?

This next week, during the once-in-a-decade US Open, the TAMC is experimenting with allowing “free-flowing” right hand turns from CV Rd. unto Highway One, north. This “experiment” may continue for some time, up to a couple years, until a second lane is added between Rio Rd and Carmel Valley Rd.

While Carmel Valley residents are pleased with this idea, those who live (and work) in Big Sur or the Carmel Highlands, are not. Many of us remember the back-ups on Highway One going into town, that sometimes snaked all the way past Point Lobos, and through the Highlands. Big Sur’s concerns are primarily two-fold: One, is the delay in response times for emergency vehicles; the second is discouraging traffic down the coast, given the nightmare that can be the return trip.

One can read the full article from The Herald here.

You can express your views in several ways, one of which is writing the following people:
55B Plaza Circle
Salinas, CA 93901-2902

and copy Dave Potter, our County Supervisor
Monterey Courthouse
1200 Aguajito Rd., Ste. 1
Monterey, CA 93940

Call TAMC at 775-0903
Call Candace Ingram at 373-3609 – she really wants to hear from us

There is a public meeting this Monday:
Carmel Valley Road Committee scheduled for Monday, June 14th 11-12:30. I think that meeting will be held at one of the Hacienda Carmel meeting rooms, but a call to TAMC can confirm the exact location.

Also, the “Question of the Day” on The Herald front page (at the bottom on the left) is about this plan. Do take the poll, as the “powers that be” do pay attention to these online newspaper polls. Find it here-Herald online poll Currently the poll is showing 20 to 14 in favor of allowing the “free” right hand turn, so vote, if it matters!