11:30 pm – last truck through?

8:30 pm – another LPNF Monterey crew came through around 8. What’s that about? But my view of the fire from the front gate looks as if it is knocked down. No wind up here, all afternoon, despite the conditions on the coast and in Big Sur Valley. If internet cooperates, I will post some photos tonight.

7:15 pm – I have been trying to upload a photo for over a couple hours and no go. Plus I can’t update while I do that. So photos later. Two Gabilan crew trucks came through around 6, and a Monterey crew truck around 7 pm. Much of BSVFB is on its way home, Air support has pretty much ceased, but the word I have is that the fire is or will be knocked down by sunset. Mop-up tomorrow, in all likelihood. No worries from my end.

4:30 pm – just went to the front gate to take a look. It is *not* coming this way, it is heading down the face toward Willow Creek, so I am in pretty good shape, unless the wind changes. This was taken from the front gate, at 4:30 pm:

4:00 pm – BSVFB just came through! YAY!! It is going to be a very busy afternoon!

3:45 pm – LPNF E 15 came through at 2:58; LE at 3:25 (Roberta); LPNF Es 18 and 19 at 3:40 pm, with red lights. The fire is at Hard Rock’s driveway, if you know where that is. No evacuation at this time. Planes are laying down retardant, and a helicopter bucket is getting from the ocean. I will post as I can. I am busy taking photos, and as Avis writes below, I am having internet problems. Naturally.

This is the boray tanker. You can tell by the color of its belly. At least, I think it is a boray tanker. The pink on its belly is a little pale. Maybe because it is early in the season? 😉

This was taken from the front gate, around 3:30 pm:

This is the smoke around 2:45 pm from just in front of my place;

Hello readers of Big Sur Kate. Kate is not able to get online and asked me to post this.

As of early this afternoon there is a wildfire on Plaskett Ridge. The information I was told is that it is near the top. Which puts it near Kate’s house. And near Kinnick’s property.

As I am typing this I hear another siren going by.

The following information was given to me from a local who is on the fire brigade.

On scene at this time are the:

U.S. Forest Service – BC – Patrol 18 & Engine 18

Big Sur Fire Brigade – Engine 7832 – 7831 & Fire Brigade Chief.

Planes are flying and I was told they appear to be spotter planes and that helicopters and bombers will be on scene soon.

The Fire Brigade  member also told me,

The grasses are tall and dry up there and this fire will move quickly in the grasses. Fortunately the brush still has moisture in it and when the fire reaches it, it should slow down and that may be where they will be able to contain the fire. But it is windy and nothing is for sure at this time.

The chatter on the USFS radio is of possible evacuations of Plaskett. This has not been yet confirmed.

That’s all I know at this time. I will, or Kate if she is able, post more when we know.