Header Photo Contest Entries

Okay, time to vote. You have until next Sunday, June 20th at midnight to vote for your favorite photo to be featured as my blog header. So no one gets confused, the number of the photo is on the photo itself. Some photographers have cropped their photos to fit my header already, others have not, but don’t let that confuse you. Pick the one you would like to see for a month or more. A winner will be picked on June 21st and posted on or about June 22nd.











Whoops – please don’t vote for “other.” There is no “other.” My bad, but do vote. As ever, it is completely anonymous. You can leave a comment below, or on the poll itself. Which one is your favorite?

Fires today, near Highway 41

Several fires today near Highway 41 on the way to Yosemite, the Walker, the Ranch, and Yosemite. The Walker (10:50 am: Vegetation Fire :Location: Rd 200 X House Ranch Rd,) and Ranch (11:10 am) fires were relatively close together, and were contained at about 20 acres total this afternoon. The Yosemite Fire near Coarsegold (Location at Rd 415 and Polk Ranch Rd.) just started at 6 pm and is only approximately 5 miles as the crow flies from the Walker incident. The first two fires were in north fork the third is near yosemite lakes park. With resources already on hand, I suspect this one will be contained as quickly as the other two were.

All three of these fires are near Highway 41. Coincidence? I suspect not. Of course, what this all means is that fire season is definitely here, and we need to be aware and fire cautious where ever we are in this state.

Herald Traffic Poll

Interesting results from the Herald poll.

Poll ended 6/12 (134 total votes):
Should the free-flowing turn from Carmel Valley Road onto northbound Highway 1 become permanent?

Yes — 67 votes, or 50%
No — 67 votes, or 50%

Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote. CV and Big Sur/Highlands are tied. Next, attend the meeting Monday, if you can.