Wildflower Mania!!

Oh, lordy, I was in heaven today, June 1, 2010. Several of my absolute favorite wildflowers were in bloom today – mostly, these are summer wildflowers, or that’s when I normally see several of them. But the delicate beauty is easy to miss among the tall brown grasses. Not today – and not for me. Once I saw the first one, heading down my driveway, I was on a mission.

Okay, this first one, the Calochortus albus, or Fairy Lantern, I featured a few days ago, but they are really going off, and I got more shots, and better shots, and … well … they are Fairy Lanterns, for pete’s sake. Can you really see too many of these beauties? Nah …

Fairy Lanterns #1

Isn’t this sweet? Don’t you feel blessed when you see one of these? Like, maybe a fairy is going to run out from under a near-by bush?

Field of Fairy Lanterns

And this! A whole field of them! Some fairies are going to have a party here!

Fairy Lantern, close-up

Oh, I just couldn’t resist – one more. Can you tell I’m a nut for these beauties?

Then, there were the sweet delicate clarkias, a wine cup, and what looked like a miniature farewell-to-spring. These are on my property, so I’ll be going out to visit again tomorrow, with grubby clothes, so I can get down and dirty!


But this is the flower that started it all. It is a delphinium, or larkspur. That baby is so tall, it comes to my waist! Electric blue catches the eye!

Driveway Delphinium

This is the way I saw it, from the Jeep. I backed the Jeep up, and took this shot. Yes, I have closer photos, and I’ll post them in a moment. But first, a story to tell.

Okay, this is the only “stand” of larkspur I know about anywhere near me, and it never has more than 5-6 stalks of larkspur. One year, I collected seeds and planted them. I had little success. Of course, it doesn’t help that I used a weedwacker who thinks a stand of hummingbird sage is a weed. I set out rocks around them, and told him, “If you cut them down again, I will cut off your arm.” Well, not really, but I felt like it. Anyway, one year, I just collected the seeds and scattered them, outside my garden, thinking they would not get wacked.

Driveway Delphinium, #2

This is the result. Isn’t that just gorgeous?

Driveway Delphinium #3

It is times like this that I wish I had a macro! That’s my next “toy.” This baby is on my “down-and-dirty” list for tomorrow, too!

And right across the road, one of my all time favorites – the Calochortus venustus – some call it the Mariposa Lily. Both Calochortus are in the Lily family.

Calochortus, unopened

But right next to this one, one was completely opened. Oh, Joy!
Calochortus venustus, unfurled

Isn’t she a beaut? My favorite native wildflower up here! I am blessed that she loves this land and graces me with her presence!

And so, tonight’s sunset on the Wildflower Mania, but I’ll be back soon with some down-and-dirty photos!

Sunset on the first day of June