Nature’s Glory

My internet has been almost dial-up speed for a week. Verizon and I are working on that. We spent an hour on the phone, trying various things, then upgraded the current software, which is providing some assistance, but not as much as it should, so they are sending a new card.

in the meantime, I am testing my uploading capabilities by posting these two shots from Plaskett Ridge Rd. taken yesterday. it is an experiment in connection.

Yucca Bloom

Grace in Motion

Oh, and while I’m “experimenting” I have to add this quote I found on the NOAA discussion for today, just for grins. What do you think they were trying to say? “MOSTLY SUNNY SKIES PEE ACROSS THE BAY AREA THIS AFTERNOON.” Is this a new forecasting term with which I am unfamiliar? How does a sunny sky pee?