Fires today, near Highway 41

Several fires today near Highway 41 on the way to Yosemite, the Walker, the Ranch, and Yosemite. The Walker (10:50 am: Vegetation Fire :Location: Rd 200 X House Ranch Rd,) and Ranch (11:10 am) fires were relatively close together, and were contained at about 20 acres total this afternoon. The Yosemite Fire near Coarsegold (Location at Rd 415 and Polk Ranch Rd.) just started at 6 pm and is only approximately 5 miles as the crow flies from the Walker incident. The first two fires were in north fork the third is near yosemite lakes park. With resources already on hand, I suspect this one will be contained as quickly as the other two were.

All three of these fires are near Highway 41. Coincidence? I suspect not. Of course, what this all means is that fire season is definitely here, and we need to be aware and fire cautious where ever we are in this state.

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