Two years ago today …

July 5, 2008, bigsurkate was born. Since that time, almost 220,000 “hits” have been received on this blog. I have uploaded 865 different posts; the blog has received over 2,000 comments; and my busiest day was September 30, 2008, when I started reporting twice a day on the Chalk Fire. This was my first entry:

“I began this blog, after 2 weeks of inundating everyone’s mailbox with news, links, editorials, and photos of the massive Big Sur Fire of 2008. [ed. note – I was talking about what became the Basin Complex Fire, which started as The Gallery Fire.] I decided a blog might be a better venue for us all to stay connected, share information, and remain informed. PLUS, I got totally frustrated when my email send function became so erratic. I can receive, but sending is completely hit and miss. I am hoping the email fairy visits me soon!

I will be posting some of my photographs, also, as and when I can.

Welcome! Once the fire is past, I will convert this to random musings, I suppose, or it will evolve into something else.”

Little did I know that I’d given birth to a new baby that needed so much attention! I have been lucky to connect with people from all over the world on these cyberpages, and have enjoyed every minute of those connections and this blog.

I report on road closures, road construction, floods, events, and many, many other happenings here on the coast during the last two years, but never deaths. Information like that is too personal to be received in this way. It happened to me, and I will never forget it.

I so look forward to the next two years, and to continuing forging relationships with people who love Big Sur as I do, wherever they may live.