Black & White Photography

While there are a number of fires in progress, none are close or in neighboring counties, and it is Tuesday in Big Sur, I decided to go back to my long-ago roots a few days ago.

Last week, while Gideon was a drop-off at the Vet’s, I found myself with a lot of time to wander. So, of course, I took photos. One of the things I discovered about my D-90, was that I could shoot in monochrome. One sees differently, when photographing in Black & White. It is the shapes, the light, the shadows, the textures that catches one’s eyes.

I was inspired to try it again, after viewing Kirsty’s photographs here.. She lives in Australia, and has an incredible talent. She put together a slide show of an abandoned factory, perfectly suited for the medium, and did such an awesome job, I decided to wander Morro Bay with a black and white eye. These are some of the things I discovered.



Shapes & Textures

Shapes, Light, and Reflections

Its been a long time since I was in a “rough” bar – oh, wait a minute. I went to the DOG not long ago, but not rough anymore!