7/16/10 Fires

BTW, I changed the title of this post, as there are so many small fires starting today. Most, if not all of them, are small and are being controlled quickly.

12:30 pm – WildCAD is reporting a new wild fire in Stoney Valley on Ft. Hunter Leggitt. That is mostly grass, so probably not a problem, unless winds pick up this afternoon. Although temps over 100 degrees may be a factor.

3:00 pm – Vegetation fire at the Dairy Creek Golf Course on HWY 1 between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. Dairy IC reporting 5 acres, rapid rate of spread, wind driven. Ordered some aircraft. Full response to Dairy Creek Golf Course of Hwy 1 near CMC [Calif Men’s Colony, State Prison]. 3403 reporting 5 acres rapid ROS wind driven up slope. Limited access through course. Potential for 150.

3:00 pm – The Bear Fire is under control, per my reliable information. There was another one at Arroyo Seco and Carmel Valley Rd., but that one was also controlled by multiple AA and helios and ff units.

Weather was reporting lightning strikes moving north today, but so far nothing on the coast. Don’t know the cause of the 4 fires above.

As of 3 pm it is reported that: “2100+ strikes in the last 8 hours, most of them in California. Strongest cells are moving NE into NV.” Rain has been reported with these strikes, as well.

Bear Fire

07/16/2010 10:36 LPF-2134 Bear Wildfire Training area 27 FHL. Sam Jones Rd and Bear Trap Loop. 1/4 acre veg fire in training area 27. One source of mine says there is a CAL FIRE plane, but that report has not been verified.

I am off the mountain for a day, in Big Sur Valley meeting with a number of people for a number of things. I am hoping this one gets caught early and small!