Citizen Fire Watch, Continues

So, on the way back up the hill on a Saturday night, I found more campers. This is what I saw:

Wait a minute, that’s firewood?

Yep, that’s what it is. There is no one in the camp, so I drive on down the road, and come across an older guy, and a younger gal. The guy is nice – to begin with, but the girl? She has a serious attitude problem. I speak with them, but she’s got a real problem, so I follow them back to their camp.

She doesn’t like to be photographed.

And she ca me toward me in my Jeep with her camera.

Oh, yeah, serious ATTITUDE. Trust me, I am doing nothing, saying nothing, other than photographing her. She does NOT like that! She keeps coming …

I have stayed in my Jeep, and yet she still keeps coming …

That’s some serious ATTITUDE, lady. Then she grabs my camera, and shoves it back in my face. Damn, that’s a battery. Now, remember, I haven’t gotten out of my Jeep, and I have said nothing to her, I’ve only photographed her.

Cute gal, with a serious problem! Then her “dad” had to step into the action, again at my driver’s window.

Man, these two REALLY did not want their photos taken! But “dad” when he stepped up to my window, looked in the back of my Jeep, and said, “This is your car?” Duh, I thought, and then he said, “You live up there?”
“Yeah,” I said. “Everyone knows me.”
Then “dad” said, “We will come find you.”
Oh, really, I thought. Okay, I’ve got two normal looking crazies coming up to find me. R-i-i-i-ght. Past a locked gate, 4 guard dogs, and to back it all up, a .357 S&W? I don’t think so.

Just a normal Saturday night in wild fire land. I just normally avoid these situations.

Citizen Fire Watch

I really hate that I have to “patrol” my area for yahoos, but I am beginning to realize it is part and parcel of living up here, and if I don’t want to face a fire this year, I have to keep an eye on the yahoos. I had several opportunities today.

First, I headed down the hill, and spotted this:

I was only mildly upset, because they had driven through my favorite meadow, and totally screwed up the wildflowers for next year, despite the signs.

And then I saw this – look into the center, and see the hatchet and wood for a fire.

Then I had to stop and tell them that a fire was a no-no, and what the consequences would be. I also stopped by the USFS, and showed them the photos. They promised to go up and speak with the campers, and I am sure they did. Thank you USFS!

Even though they were still camped in the meadow, they did not have any evidence of wood and hatchets, around. But that is not the end of the story of Citizen Fire Watch. More tomorrow.