Interpretive Feasibility Study Released

Today, David Kupfer released the long-awaited interpretive feasibility study commissioned by the Self Reliance Foundation and the San Luis Obispo Council on Governments that was sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration’s Scenic Byway Program. It is 117 pages long. While I read all of the sections which addressed Big Sur, it may require more study. At first blush, it appears that he addressed most, if not all, of our local concerns. Of considerable surprise to me was that the Hispanic community does not see or use Big Sur as a “destination” and we have few Hispanic visitors (as opposed to workers), per a number of sources cited in the study. That would seem to negate the entire reason for bilingual interpretive services, the whole purpose of the study.

In any event, I cannot discern a way to post the study to my blog, but will try to send it to you, if you are interested and did not receive it. Perhaps Jack Ellwanger can send it out through his WildBigSur email list? I am sure he got a copy as well.