Lightning Strikes in East SLO Co.

5:30 pm – so many small fires – wildfires, illegal campfires or backyard burns, vehicle fires – on LPNF today, impossible to keep up. Anything gets beyond the small category, and I’ll follow up for you.

3:00 pm – just found a great fire predictive services podcast for Central and South California for today and next week. You can view it here: fire predictive podcast

11:00 am – IHC teams from Arroyo Grande being sent to the Chester Fire, which LPF WildCAD gives a start time of around 7:30 am. No info on the Navajo Fire. Storm moving over California Valley and into the Southern Sierras, with possible rain and lightning. One lightning strike hit in Southern Monterey County about 8 am, per NOAA.

Around 4:30 am, a series of lightning strikes were recorded in eastern SLO Co.

LPF WildCAD is reporting a fire SE of La Panza named “Chester.” WLF is reporting two fires, the other Navajo. Both are reportedly small, but with difficult access and no road access. I cannot see any smoke at this time, but do see lots of high clouds SE of me.