Lightning Strikes in East SLO Co.

5:30 pm – so many small fires – wildfires, illegal campfires or backyard burns, vehicle fires – on LPNF today, impossible to keep up. Anything gets beyond the small category, and I’ll follow up for you.

3:00 pm – just found a great fire predictive services podcast for Central and South California for today and next week. You can view it here: fire predictive podcast

11:00 am – IHC teams from Arroyo Grande being sent to the Chester Fire, which LPF WildCAD gives a start time of around 7:30 am. No info on the Navajo Fire. Storm moving over California Valley and into the Southern Sierras, with possible rain and lightning. One lightning strike hit in Southern Monterey County about 8 am, per NOAA.

Around 4:30 am, a series of lightning strikes were recorded in eastern SLO Co.

LPF WildCAD is reporting a fire SE of La Panza named “Chester.” WLF is reporting two fires, the other Navajo. Both are reportedly small, but with difficult access and no road access. I cannot see any smoke at this time, but do see lots of high clouds SE of me.

4 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes in East SLO Co.

  1. Hi Kate, we live in the north county of slo..and thought the thunder might be an earthquake!! We did not see lightning, but were awaken by the loud thunder and then rain.

  2. Yes, Kirsty…we really name our fires … basically first firefighting unit on scene names them, but sometimes waits for an Incident Commander to name them, usually after some nearby road, mtn, area, and like that. Traditionally, if people die in the fire, particularly firefighters, the “name” is supposed to be retired, but there was another “Station” fire this year, and the name was not supposed to be used, ever again.

    There have been 3 Plaskett Fires: Plaskett I and Plasket II in 2000, and now Plaskett in 2010. All named after the road that leads to my place.

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