Summer Fog

There is something refreshing and alluring about the summer fog on the coast. Living up here above it, I get scorching temperatures, and look down on the fog below. Sometimes envious, but mostly grateful I don’t live in it.

Fog over Willow Creek

I had to pass into it several times this week, and was surprised about how thick it was. For me, the fog presents another photo opportunity. I love what the fog does to the forest.
Foggy Forest

Trees in the Mist

Trees: Living Sculpture

Timeless Beauty

Tunnel of Light

6 thoughts on “Summer Fog

  1. Those fog pictures are eerie, enigmatic, and spiritual. Yes, “tunnel of light” is an apt term. They emanate peace and serenity. Meanwhile, Up here in the Idaho high country, the amazing varieties of weather scenes have been equally visionary. from brilliant sunlight to massive black-violet thunderstorms, silver linings, shafts of light….even fog rising off the lake. Almost like shining a bright backlight through “lenses” of jade to reveal mineral fantasies of vulcan forests and green azure actinolite atmospheres…secret paintings by nature’s jade spirits. This is the stuff of artists…time to break out the watercolor set for some serious ascents into the deep realms within.

  2. These are beautiful photos of the fog, Kate. It is like another world created for all of you out there. Mystical comes to mind.

  3. Hi Kate, These are beautiful photos of the forest and fog. They are inspiring and make me long to be there…We are arriving for our annual camping trip at Big Sur State Park at the end of July and we can’t wait! We love Big Sur not only for the beauty, peace and atmosphere, but the wonderful locals who put up us tourists. We really appreciate your hospitality and sharing your unbelievable home…

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