The Moment

There is a moment when the light starts to change color, an hour before sunset or so. It is the moment that my dogs and I tune into. It is the time when they must come in for the night.

The mountain lion is nocturnal, and she comes out to hunt. Dogs are easy targets, and I have lost my share. But with this pack the rules are sacrosanct, and revolve around the changing of the light.

Here, I had two dogs with me, the others were already inside. It is another time of light changes, much later than what we heed, but it yielded a blessed photo, so different from what others see. I could have focused on the cliffs, as most would do, or I could make the silhouette the focus, which is what I did.
Changing Light

8 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. Thank you. Especially for the darker quiet on the right. I sank into it, then the fringe at the top caught my eye…& then I sank back. Good night.

  2. A perfect view of the changing state. I’m told Lithium releases into the atmosphere at dawn and dusk, experienced as bliss or balance… perhaps an individual’s perception. Thanks for the polarity of silhouette.

  3. A wise choice, focusing on the profile, i. e. the forground. The foreground would have turned to indistinct fuzz, had you focused on the cliff. You listened to your camera. What a beautiful shot!

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