Summer in Big Sur

A reader of my blog, and visitor to Big Sur, came down here via Amtrack and the local 22 bus late last week. (YAY! One less vehicle on the highway). While here, he took some incredible shots he sent to me. I am posting three of them, although the others were superb, as well. Most of you who live here, and many of you who visit, will recognize where these were taken. Thanks, Tom!

Big Sur visitors, by Tom Haley

Doesn’t this just say, “Summer in Big Sur” to you?
Horse, by Tom Haley

I just love, love, love this photograph! Yes, it could have been taken anywhere, but it was taken here.
Big Sur shed by Tom Haley

This photograph is a study in composition. What a wonderful way to depict this place.

Thank you, Tom, for sharing your work with all of us! The last of summer is fast approaching. Come, share Big Sur with us!

3 thoughts on “Summer in Big Sur

  1. Share Big Sur—Sounds wonderful. Any suggestions on how to do that inexpensively these days once one arrives from the midwest? Seriously, is there a way to enjoy the area for a week or so after arriving via auto? Have done Amtrack a couple years ago–OH WHAT A TRIP THAT WAS!!! LOL. Not sure I want to repeat that escapade –actually a repeat would be IMPOSSIBLE. LOL.

  2. I wrote Eva privately, but camping, in October or early November can be a wonderful, inexpensive alternative, besides Big Sur SP, there are a variety of private, state, and federal campgrounds the length of Big Sur.

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