While there are a number of Big Sur related items I am looking into, including the MCCWPP and the upcoming Health Center benefit, none of them are ready for publication at this time. Pozo is under control, no other items of concern need immediate attention, so I offer you something completely different.

Today, I had lunch in a place that had a salt-water tank. It offered new and unusual photo opportunities, and I offer them here. While this was beautiful to witness, I felt as if these very small fish were still in prison, even though their tank was extremely large.

I was mindful of the documentary, “The Cove.” I urge you to watch this, if you care about dolphins and porpoises. You can order the DVD and find out about the documentary here: The Cove. In the meantime, enjoy something different … fish …

3 thoughts on “Fish

  1. FYI , I got surprised (happens often) , when I discovered that fish have path-ways in the sea, especially rock fish, through, under and around rocks and crevices. I had already know about wildlife having and using trails in the wilderness, or even birds using “Fly Ways” through Chapperal (sp-?) openings, staying out of predators way , but I never thought that fish had them too.

  2. Photos show how beautiful they are in shape and color. I hear you on the ‘prison’ character. Glad you mentioned The Cove, spreads awareness.

  3. I like going to the restaurant, here, with a large fish tank.I could watch them for long periods of time. Tried drawing them at a friend’s house once. It is do-able. Beautiful photos, Kate. Thanks to Douglas, above, about fish and pathways. I learned something new!

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