3 thoughts on “Life in the Mountains

  1. Happy New Year , Kate , we all stand – by for your reports , but gee you changed your leed photos ,,, what are they ??? Cone Peak ? or Twin Peaks Group ,,, So Just What is it that you See from your icy deck ?

    Of course you know that ONLY YOU , get to see and experience what you see, way up there ,,, but bottom line ,,,, T Y , for sharing all that with us who are elsewhere ,,,, Much Blessings On You !!! Douglas

  2. Where do you get supplies? Like food? I may be working at Lime Kiln for the summer. Are there farmers’ markets maybe? I hope so. On my travels up and down Hwy 1 I never saw any markets.

  3. There is a Farmer’s Market in Cambria on Fridays. It is small, but I like it. Limekiln is on the list of State Parks to be closed due to state budget, so summer job may not happen.

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