Pt. Lobos views

I don’t take the time – I don’t MAKE the time to stop in Point Lobos, like I used to when I lived in Palo Colorado Canyon. My focus has become more narrow – the south coast is my coast, now.

So, when Dan Danbom sends me some great shots he took there yesterday, and as this is a slow “news” day, I am posting them here so we can all enjoy them. Thanks again, Dan!

Dan hardly ever does B&W, which is my favorite, but here he was led to by the conditions, and he is correct. The strength of the composition here carries the shot.

B&W by Dan Danbom

Pt. Lobos Joy by Dan Danbom

China Cove by Dan Danbom

7 thoughts on “Pt. Lobos views

  1. Great photos! The transparency of the water in China Cove is amazing.

  2. It’s interesting that you should say that, Kate — because living in Palo Colorado, I *do* stop in Point Lobos all the time, often to go for a little run around the perimeter.

  3. Thanks for all your photos but particularly those of PL. My family once owned PL and China Cove has always been my favorite spot. Now I live in Mid-America and love seeing the seasons on the coast through your blog.

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