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Okay, I must admit. I am enamored. I’ve already downloaded several photo apps and have been busy trying them out.

Here are some samples for you. First, the view from my deck. This first one is taken with an app called Camera Bag. It has “filters” which will change the look of the photo. After taking the photo in this application, one can try the photo with the various filters – to give old time camera appearances. I used 1974 on this photo:

View w/ 1974 filter

This second photograph of the same view uses an application called HDR. For non-photographers, this stands for high-definition resolution. Generally, 3 photographs are exposed and combined- one normal, one overexposed, and one underexposed. This brings out the highlight and shadow details better than a single photograph. In the application called HDR, only two photographs are taken and then combined, but the details and saturation are much more like what is actually depicted than a “normal” photograph.

I also have a set of still lifes taken with different filters I will use to demonstrate shortly, but just had a visitor show up.

Alright, here are a set of still lifes that demonstrate the range of photographs available with the built-in camera and camera bag.

Still in Helga

The Helga camera is a common medium format 120 film toy camera, made in China, known for its low-fidelity aesthetic. It was created in 1981 by T.M. Lee.

The Holga’s low-cost construction and simple meniscus lens often yields pictures that display vignetting, blur, light leaks, and other distortions. The camera’s limitations have brought it a cult following among some photographers, and Holga photos have won awards and competitions in art and news photography. (Info from wikipedia)

Still Magazine

This is a rich style popular for the glossy pages of a magazine.
60's Still

This filter emulates the high contrast black and white style of photojournalist art of the 60’s.

Okay, that should give you an idea, anyway. Now, I must be about the shooting this afternoon, but tomorrow, I have some photos of Big Sur I wanted to share – taken with my D-90 this past week.

7 thoughts on “iPhone photo apps

  1. Meade, I only paid $200, and of course, I did NOT buy it for the camera – that was just an added little surprise – not that there was a camera, but at how good it is. It is the phone, the contacts, the GPS, maps, calendar, etc. all synched with my MacBook – the biggest thing for me, given my work, is the calendar and the synching. My office is often on the road, these days, and this makes it a bit easier.

  2. Synchronistically I have been researching an iphone, partly because I am divorcing vodafone ( a friend called them vodafail!) but more importantly because I need a handy little portable camera and have heard wonderful things about the iphone cameras. I am not sure how I feel about the filters. My younger friends use them all the time. I have a particular problem with the one that puts dust on the picture. I spent so many years trying to get dust off.
    Thanks for the enlightening post. You have doubly inspired me. It looks like great fun to play with, though they cost a lot more here in Australia.

  3. Just got mine (same price; I was overdue a Verizon upgrade & held out for the iPhone). Similarly enchanted, & I haven’t even played with the camera. Can’t wait to have it with me on the road.

  4. Wow, Kate! Can it paint? 🙂 Your photographs are so interesting. I like that one called “StillMagazine”. I think it is the fade because there are edges lost. I struggle to lose edges, so I would be drawn to that.

  5. I have had Verizon for 17 years up here. I get reception out of San Ardo. When we were analog I had the Motorola 3 W bag phone, and an attachment to convert to a dial tone to fool my computer modem. With digital, I had to get a cellular booster (I have 2 actually) and I use a broadband wireless for internet near my booster and that allows both internet and phone connections usually pretty well, but sometimes there are drops or interference. It is much better than the Hughes Net satellite connection I used to have, but then I am on top of the mtn, where I can get reception.

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